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    Significantly lower your overhead costs, while increasing efficiency.
    Easily, accurately, and instantaneously pinpoint exactly what’s happening
    in your business, so you can respond promptly and appropriately.
    Powerful, easy-to-use job costing tells you immediately how much money
    you’ll make on a sale.
    CRM tools boost sales productivity and close rates, and track customers,
    trends, marketing results, and more.
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Quickest way to build profits with the leader in
Enterprise Resource Planning Check out our integrated business management software products and tools for floor covering owners.

QFloors is exceedingly especially extremely easy to use for any size floor covering business.

What Customers Say


User-friendly QFloors ERP flooring software significantly cuts overhead costs, builds profitability, and efficiently streamlines and organizes your operation. QFloors has some of the highest customer approval marks in the industry, providing innovative management software for small, mid-size, and large businesses specializing in retail flooring, new construction, commercial, multi-family housing, or distribution.

QFloors’ intuitive design features only six main screens to learn to use, and each one works just as the others do. And to make things even easier on you, everyone in your company receives unlimited free training and support for the first year of purchase.

QFloors is going to transform your business and your bottom line.