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QConnect integration makes it easier than ever to connect your business software to the outside world! With QConnect, you can now share information between QFloors business management software and your websites, lead generating sites, and even CRM products like Zoho (view installation guide).

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Save Time and Dropped Balls

No need to re-enter leads gained through external sources like your website or a CRM. This information can be downloaded via QConnect to your QFloors system. QConnect ensures all leads are taken care of within the QFloors CRM and that the information is accurate, allowing you to focus on quickly following up and turning them into sales. Or you can simply bypass the QFloors CRM, as QConnect can directly transfer customer information into the QFloors Contacts and Proposals modules.

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Track Trends and Performance

The QFloors Leads screen (internal CRM) can help you track information associated with incoming leads. For example, are external leads primarily focused on a particular product type, such as LVT or carpet? How do your close rates compare between lead sources? How well is your sales team following up? The many tracking reports that our QFloors Leads screen provides can give you helpful insight and direction.

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Share and Integrate Information

When you need to create a proposal for a customer, you can transfer their information from the QFloors CRM or an external CRM (like Zoho), to the QFloors Sales/Proposal module. As the sale progresses, information about that sale (including things such as materials, ticket price, and customer details) can be shared with the external sources as well. QConnect facilitates the easy flow of information between your QFloors system and other external sources.

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Trailblazing Innovation

QConnect is breaking new ground. As connecting and sharing information with external sources (like websites) becomes more important, QConnect will help you stay ahead of the game.

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