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Customer Review and Messaging Solutions for Flooring Dealers

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Using QFloors and Swell together makes generating reviews and providing superior customer engagement easy and affordable. Let us help you deliver the service and responsiveness that will truly set your flooring business apart from your competitors.

Swell not only integrates with QFloors, but also integrates seamlessly with our digital marketing and website partner Mobile Marketing. To learn more about what is possible through Swell, visit this page.

Automate Customer Engagement and Communication

Swell is a powerful and affordable messaging platform for your flooring operation. Through Swell’s text messaging, you can schedule installations, request reviews, and more easily communicate with your customers.

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Integrates with Your QFloors System

Once a sales order is completed, installed, or delivered, QFloors will share that information with your Swell account. You can pre-set filters that will trigger actions such as sending a review request to the customer via text, email, or both.

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Boost Reviews and Rank Higher in Local Online Search Results

Swell’s automated review capturing process will help you generate more reviews from flooring customers, which then gives you higher ranking on local online search result pages. More customer reviews will not only increase your credibility, but also your visibility with interested prospects.

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Live Webchats

Engage in real time with online visitors, answering their questions through a live webchat. You can interact with 1-1000 people through Swell’s webchat. Weekend and after-hours automated responses ensure prospects don’t drop through the cracks.

Improve Flooring Customer Satisfaction

Never Miss a Message Again

With Swell Message, you have the convenience of receiving all flooring customer messages in the same place. Whether generated by text, google message, facebook, webchat, etc., they all are automatically organized neatly in one inbox. You can also receive alerts and notifications as they occur, and address them immediately.


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