New! Virtual On-site Training

New! Virtual On-site Training

At QFloors we have been doing a significantly higher number of on-site trainings this past year and it seems as if the trend will continue. There’s no question as to the value of these trainings. However, some states are now making it impossible to visit our customers on-site. Wisconsin, for example, requires us to pay income tax if we visit a store in the state even though we have no other presence in that state. (Talk to your legislators!) This would be in addition to sales tax. Basically, it prevents us from sending anyone physically to that state.   

So in an effort to address the issue, and also to keep up with the demand for concentrated training, we have developed a new service called Virtual On-site Training. This is where we set up a webinar with your store and conduct the training from our location here in Utah. The webinar can be joined by up to 25 employees and they can exit and re-enter the webinar as needed. We have the ability to connect and show the screen of any computer connected to the webinar, allowing us to teach from your data and use examples from the viewpoint of any employee connected to the training. Also, we can record the complete webinar, providing a video to you for future reference. You still get our top quality on-site trainers to teach you. You can schedule them for ½ day session increments.

Virtual on-site training is very different from our normal remote training process that consists of one hour sessions spread throughout a week. Virtual on-site training is also not really recommended for new customers when there’s the option of having a live person travel to your location, as there’s a definite benefit to being able to closely observe your operation and support your staff in a new training. This service is intended to be more of a boost to your knowledge, to help you perfect what you are already doing or show you some things that you may not be aware of.  It’s a good option for focused, concentrated training when an on-site is not feasible.

The cost of this service is $800/day. This can be broken up into half day sessions if needed. One-half day is 4 hours. Anything over the 4 hours will be charged for a full day. The training will include periodic breaks as well as an hour lunch break.  Choosing this option will eliminate the expense of airfare, lodging, meals and other transportation. It also gives you an option of the number of days that you want to have the classes.

Contact our Sales Department to schedule a virtual on-site training.

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