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QEstimator Discontinued | Try Measure Square

Over the past 10 years QFloors has been involved in the Flooring Retail Estimation business. Recently we have felt like we need to keep our focus on what we do better than anyone else, which is Business Management Solutions. As a result we are discontinuing our QEstimator line of products in order to maintain this focus. We feel that our customers will be better served and our direction less fragmented.

We also recognize that there is still a place for estimation technology within the industry and there are products that you should definitely consider implementing. Having been in the estimation business, we feel like we can help point our customers and others to some of the better solutions.

Recommendation: Below we have compiled a list of some of the better known estimation products on the market, along with a simple rating system. From the information that we have gathered, we currently feel that Measure Square by Floor Covering Soft is the best overall estimation solution for both Retail and Commercial applications. As added bonus, Measure Square has the best interface for sharing information with other software packages.

Software Price Support Features Ease of Use Updates FSDE
Callidus Fair Poor Good Poor Fair None
BidTech Good Fair Poor Poor Poor None
Estimat-All Good Poor Poor Poor Poor None
Measure Square Good Good Best Best Best Best
FloorEstimator Best Poor Fair Fair Poor Good
FloorRight Good Good Fair Fair Fair None
Measure Fair Fair Good Fair Good None

FSDE Compliant - FSDE stands for Flooring Software Data Exchange. This technology allows software from two separate companies to share information between them. FSDE is an open standard which means that any company can use this standard at no cost to either them or their customers. QFloors supports open standards like FSDE because:

  1. It encourages all software companies to make better products.
  2. It gives the consumer more freedom to choose the best software on the market.
  3. It encourages competive pricing for software products.

By supporting the FSDE standard the consumer is the winner. Some companies choose not to support the standard for one of two reasons:

  1. They don't have the programing resources to be able to develop software to support the standard. (Budget Crunch)
  2. They don't want to give their customers the option of purchasing competitive products. Some companies aren't confident enough with their own products and don't want to allow their customers a choice of which software to choose. Oftentimes the strategy is to get the consumer locked into one product and then force them into additional products from their software company, even though other companies might be doing a better job with those different products. At QFloors, we believe every product should stand on its own merits, and consumers should be allowed to mix and match software products, according to their needs -- particularly since the technology is available to have integration across the board. Because of QFloors' commitment to our customers best interests, we are strong supporters of the FSDE standard.